MES TermoDeck

MES are United Kingdom license holders for the award winning TermoDeck system.

Termodeck is an energy efficient environmental control solution that utilises the building’s thermal mass to provide balanced ventilation with passive heating and cooling.

TermoDeck is a fan assisted, heating, cooling and ventilation system that uses the high thermal mass of structural, concrete hollowcore floor slabs through which fresh air is supplied. This supply air passes through the hollow cores at low velocities, allowing prolonged contact between the air and the concrete. This enables the slabs to behave as passive heat exchange elements that release heat to, or absorb heat from, the air in the hollowcore slabs.


TermoDeck installed in conjunction with simple, refrigerant-free mechanical ventilation, simple ductwork, and low U-value materials, creates an holistic system that is quiet in operation, unobtrusive in appearance, and which provides the stable internal conditions required for most types of buildings including offices, libraries, hotels, schools, hospitals, theatres and universities.

Recent Projects

WM Smith Building
Office Accomodation

Client: British Geological Survey
Architect: Pick Everard
Contractor: ROK SOL Construction
Consultant: ZBP
Howe Dell School
Primary School
Client: Hertfordshire County Council
Architect: Ruddle Wilkinson
Contractor: Mace
Consultant: Fulcrum
Thomas Paine Study Centre
Lecture Space & Admin
Client: University of East Anglia
Architect: RH Partnership
Contractor: Kier Eastern


“HC M&E Building Services Consultants have had the pleasure of working with MES Building Solutions for a number of years and they have become our preferred choice for all aspects of Part L advice, including pre and post design SAP and SBEM assistance, energy assessments and options. Always prompt and cost effective.”

Kevin Jones
HC M&E Ltd

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